• Punta

The TMGA terminal in Punta Langosteira has a number of decisive competitive advantages.

  • A privileged geo-strategic position in north-west Spain, near the main international maritime traffic routes.
  • Modern, recently-built facilities prepared for handling, storing and processing goods such as:
    • Grain and agriproducts cargo.
    • Dry-bulk cargo solids.
    • Wind power goods, etc.
    • Etc.
  • Hub port for the storage and distribution of large volumes of goods.
  • Draughts of up to 22 m, allowing the largest bulk carriers to dock.

“Factoría de Tratamiento de Graneles Sólidos Agroalimentarios en el Puerto Exterior de Punta Langosteira (FASE I)” Expendiente: IG100.2014.1.12